This is how wars start…

 At first glance, the observer is probably horrified at the words of the miners in the image above. I was, my initial reaction was since when should children become the objects of the working class hatred of the ruling class? But then I gave it some more consideration.
Look a little more closely at the message. The miners are so concerned that their children will be starved through the greed of the ruling class, that in order to get a response from those in control, they have to send a strong message. It is the wrong message, but nonetheless one likely to harness the attention of the ruling class in Spain. It is wrong because the children of the ruling class should not be held responsible or victimised for the decisions of their parents. But on the other hand, the world sits by silently while the ruling class subject the children of working class and poor families to a life of poverty which implicates starvation, crime, violence and  most likely mass retaliation. And this is how wars start.
So who starts wars? It is not those opposing the ruling class, it is the ruling class themselves.  And it is an apathetic global community that allows wars to be fought. Who has made the global society apathetic? The ruling class. I recently saw a cartoon which stated ” the rich tell the middle class what to think about the poor” – it certainly resonates. The ruling class need to be held accountable for the misery they cause, apathy only allows them to sustain the misery.
So in the words of Karl Marx “workers of the world unite” for positive change (unity cannot rule with resentment at its heart).