Some commentary on The Pakeha Party NZ

Here’s a link to my commentary on “The Pakeha Party in NZ” in my Dropbox:

There are some waffly bits and arguments could have been articulated better. My apologies to those hoping for a written post.

Note that the discussion is framed in terms of what  Will Kymlicka has said about minority rights in liberal democracies and its worthwhile listening to his podcast on Philosophy Bites. Its really useful for those wanting a refresher in Kymlicka or as a starting point on his philosophy.



Will Kymlicka, Minority Rights on Philosophy Bites with Nigel Warburton and David Edmonds available online at:

The Pakeha Party Facebook page online at:

Mark Blackham, You are what you claim to hate on Political Business: Lessons on Political Strategy available online at:

John Ansell and 1Law4all