Kim Dotcom: Left or Right?

A number of reasons were cited as to why Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party will align itself to the left. I have listed some of the more common ones I’ve seen below:

  1. Dotcom is incensed at the legal treatment he received under a John Key led National government, so will presumably align his party left;
  2. Martyn Bradbury (The Daily Blog) a very vocal left wing anti-capitalist blogger was recruited as the Internet Party’s political consultant, indicative that the party intends to align itself to the left;
  3. Dotcom appeared alongside left wing activists and political parties during the GCSB protests and public meetings, suggestive that he is sympathetic to the left.

On point 1, Dotcom is understandably bitter but I think it highly unlikely that he would have expected any different treatment under a left led government because Operation 8. His angst is personal not ideological.

On point 2, any anti-capitalist blogger that gleefully teams up politically with a capitalist who is part of the 1% the anti-capitalist despises, does not indicate alignment to the left for the party. It indicates a hypocritical blogger.

On point 3, Dotcom had every reason to attend those protests and meetings, the fact that the protests and meetings were run by the left was inconsequential.

The benefit of Dotcom’s Internet Party is making privacy, civil liberties and internet freedom an integral part of the political debate in NZ during election year. The debate is important.

My reckon, is that Dotcom will support whoever gives him what his party demands. Its not obvious to me that the Internet Party will align to the left. Its politics after all.


7 thoughts on “Kim Dotcom: Left or Right?

  1. Correct, this will be a libertarian party. I know of no statements by Dotcom which indicate an interest in left wing social or economic policies, or an interest in ‘Green’ issues. People forget that before he fell foul of the government, Kim Dotcom had a choice of political company to keep, and we know who he chose: John Banks and Maurice Williamson.


  2. But can National and the rest of the parties of the right give him what he wants considering that they’re the ones that have spent the last few years taking away rights?

    Labour and the rest of the left could because a) they’ve been against this governments ramping up of surveillance state and b) after the fiasco of Operation 8 they’d all probably be quite willing to go back and amend the anti-terrorism legislation if not outright repeal it.


  3. Why would any intelligent and self-respecting left wing activist join a political venture with this obese poser, with his net worth of $200million gained from dubious sources, his outrageously ostentatious lifestyle including palatial property complete with pet giraffes, the pink Cadillacs, Lamborghinis etc and for when he’s really in a hurry the helicopter (which is also handy when he blows half a million on a fireworks display), and his convictions back home for 11 counts of computer fraud, 10 counts of data espionage, insider trading and embezzlement among other offences, and whose first political action in this country was to donate $50,000 to John Banks???


  4. KimDotCom has never uttered any caring or compassionate words, spoke of social inequalities or showed sympathy towards poor people (real people, beneficiaries, people of relative poverty, the elderly and the children living with out basics) Even when he rubbed shoulders with supposedly left wing people in anti GCSB meetings and protests his speeches were only about civil liberties, privacy and GCSB.

    KDC has never “advocated against” the growing disparity and inequality between the poor and wealthy, or the redistribution of wealth from the Poor to the Rich-after all……he is a successful capitalist-an IT Internet entrepreneur, that (arguably) see’s his primary objective….. first and fore mostly, as to keep the status quo (self interest or self preservation of his own millionaire way of life with out the GCSB and FBI on his back).

    Nek Minet…… KimDotCom has plans to start his own political party ….?

    Although KDC showed “signs” of being a real social justice and people fighter, with his face to face submission speech to John Key “Why is your face turning red Mr Prime Minister”, and his public anti GCSB speeches for internet freedom, privacy and civil liberties. KimDotCom arguably still has more in common with John Key than left wing socialists for example: $50 million ?

    So Kim DotCom: Left or Right ? I’d have to say just read between the lines !


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