Mana invite Dotcom to AGM

The Mana Party Executive have extended an invitation to Kim Dotcom to speak to its membership at their upcoming AGM.

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Link to post here.

While I’m not a member of Mana, I still find the invitation troublesome.

Perhaps I’m naïve. I’ve never been a member of a political party and as such have never attended an AGM in this respect. Maybe this kind of thing is the norm.

But while Mana insist that any possibility of a merger is to be decided by members and not as a result of a unilateral decision made by the Exec, the image below tells a different story.


Link to post available here.

Given that the image is publicly posted on an Exec members Facebook wall, I get the impression that the outcome of a merger has been predetermined, and that Dotcoms attendance at the AGM is simply a symbolic gesture to give the appearance of a democratic process in play.  Also note, the representation of Dotcom rather than any reference to the Internet Party.

The invitation appears to be an intention to reinforce or promote an existing relationship between Mana and Dotcom, rather than to ascertain the concerns of or to understand Mana members as postulated in the media advisory above.

Additionally, Dotcom’s  attendance  could be seen as an attempt to influence the decisions of the membership.

In my view, members should be free from any influence to discuss the matter with a clear mind and in an environment where members can express any dissent freely and without fear of reprisal.  Dotcom’s attendance may actually discourage some members  from speaking their minds, moreover,  others may not feel comfortable attending the AGM at all.

Because the Dotcom merger issue is the most controversial among Mana’s members, I would have expected the Exec to act more cautiously in handling this matter. As it stands, its possible to construe Dotcom’s attendance as the Exec forestalling dissent to ensure they get their [the Exec’s] desired outcome.



  1. How can Mana members make informed decisions if they don’t have the kanohi ki te kanohi hui with him. We have all been allowed to ask questions which Dotcom will give us answers to. Without asking those questions then it will just be speculation what you and the rest of the media hype have been doing. We the members will have our say and whatever the members decide we will go with.


    1. Hi Chantelle,

      I absolutely think Mana members should have the opportunity to ask questions kanohi ki te kanohi, but I don’t understand why the Exec didn’t plan meetings with members throughout the country before the AGM, so that members would have had time to contemplate the answers and then have a meaningful conversation among members and the Exec at the AGM. I’ll admit that I am suspicious of Dotcom’s motives of wanting to enter government (noting that I do sympathise with the legal (mis)treatment Dotcom received at the hands of the NZ govt), and I feel that Mana are stronger without him. What I believe (as a former Mana voter) is that this relationship with Dotcom will damage the credibility of the movement. Of course, that is just my opinion and I appreciate that Mana members and voters might have an entirely different perspective.


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