Te Tai Tokerau: Davis appeals to whānau, hapū and iwi

Kelvin & Hone

In breaking news last night, Kelvin Davis was painted as a traitorous, negative, self-serving individual. Some of the responses from InternetMANA supporters (including some of which were Labour supporters) was nothing short of vile, and not worth repeating here. But Davis took to Facebook to explain the allegations against him:

I was on 3 News tonight because my campaign team had a look at a proposed website designed to take down Kim Dotcom and stop him from buying the seat of Te Tai Tokerau with his $3million dollars.

We explored this concept, debated it, then along with the Labour Party hierarchy decided it wasn’t in line with our Vote Positive messages and ditched it.

[emphasis added]

Firstly, it doesn’t appear he was actually blocked. It appears there was mutual agreement to ‘ditch the idea’ following discussion that the ‘proposed’ website was not in line with Labour’s messaging.

Secondly, Davis also elaborated on his discomfort with Kim Dotcom and his Internet Party coat tailing in on the Tai Tokerau seat. An irritating aspect of the commentary that followed, came from Pākehā commentators/pundits and journalists/reporters impressing their Pākeha centric views on Māori electorates.

It is probably worthwhile remembering then that Davis isn’t just running as a member of the Labour Party – he is running as a representative of Māori in Te Tai Tokerau. This dual role is often overlooked when Pākehā set the parameters of political debate for Māori.

Davis has every right to express his view and the view of many of our people in his electorate. Noting here, that I do not dispute that Hone Harawira and MANA also enjoy huge support from our people in that electorate and elsewhere.

However, if Davis is hearing from whānau, hapū and iwi that they are not comfortable, or are opposed to the InternetMANA alliance exercising political power over their electorate, then it would not be tika (right) for him to support it nor for him to encourage his constituents to do likewise. It’s also teka (false/untrue) to imply that Māori who oppose the InternetMANA alliance are negative, traitorous self-serving individuals. Again, this is most often led by a Pākehā dominated dialogue.


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