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Any person may comment on this blog (WordPress has good filters for identifying whether or not you are spam); however, I will not approve comments that are abusive or threatening toward myself or others.

I am quite impressed by The Ten Commandments of Rational Debate, worth a read before you make a comment:

I’d prefer that you use html tags (see below) if you want to emphasise a particular word or sentence rather than capitalisation. Its a personal stylistic thing (when I see capitalisation of words/sentences I think SHOUTING!).


HTML Bold <b> <b>Example</b> Example
HTML Underline <u> <u>Example</u> Example
HTML Italic <i> <i>Example</i> Example


You may also send comments direct to my email:

5 thoughts on “Your Comments

  1. Common sense korero. Worth passing on to my networks. Thank you so much for the protocols for followers. Older as I am, I have cried tears at some of the heartless and vile comments which came my way. I have tried my own best to have a respect quotient within my replies to conversations which interest and inspire me. I have certainly become a little more discerning in what I choose to interact with.
    Love your writings.


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