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All bio-information is taken directly from the websites.

Land Value Taxation Campaign (UK)

A single-issue non-party/all-party organisation based in the UK, we propose that the rental value of land should be collected and used as the principal source of public revenue, as a replacement for present taxes on wages, profits, goods and services.

New Economics Party (NZ)

This group has come about from the members of Living Economies Educational Trust, from the Georgist movement, the Transition Town movement and many other groups of concerned citizens. Led by Deirdre Kent and Phil Stevens.

Real Estate 4 Ran$om (AUS)

Real Estate 4 Ransom is a documentary by Prosper Australia, a not for profit organization devoted to economic justice for all Australians. Co-Directors Gavin Emmanuel and Karl Fitzgerald.

Earthsharing Australia: Opportunity & Equity (AUS)

Earthsharing Australia is a Georgist organisation that provides free education services on economics. The Earthsharing website was one of the earliest Georgist websites online, set up in 1996 by Bryan Kavanagh of the Land Values Research Group.

The Progress Report (US)

The Progress Report is your source for the latest stories on taxes, subsidies, commonwealth, and the environment. Our politics do not fit tidily on the conventional left/right spectrum since we distinguish between private property and social surplus, between rights and privileges, and between license and liberty; if ever you’ve had a hard time finding an ideological home, this may be the place for you!

Editor: Jeffery J. Smith

Land: A Humaniteer Project (US)

Martin Adams is the author of a forthcoming book Land and a director at Humaniteer, an organization that seeks to promote human well-being.

Share the Rents: 10 Theses from Fred Harrison (UK)

Our campaign to transform the financial system is advised by a Panel of Experts from around the world. Fred Harrison is Research Director of the London-based Land Research Trust.

Tax Land Not Man

The Georgist News

Robert Schalkenbach Foundation

The Taxing Question of Land


Geo-Mutualism: World Reciprocity

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