LVT Social Media


(Note these groups are not set up by me, and I am unsure who the official Admins are. If Admins would like their names listed by the group, PM me on Facebook or email)

Descriptions are taken directly from each groups page.


This group is for people who want to discuss and learn more about land value taxation.


Exploring common ground and the possibility of synthesis between Georgism and Mutualism.

Geo-Mutualists take influence from the philosophies of Mutualism, as provided by early thinkers such as Pierre-Joseph Proudhon and Josiah Warren, as well as Geoism, as provided by Henry George.


This is a group for relatively serious discussion on the topics of geoism and libertarianism.

Heterodox Economics

This group is an open forum for discussion of heterodox alternatives to mainstream economics and for exploration of the differences between the various schools of orthodox and heterodox economics.  Membership requires openness to rejection of mainstream/neoclassical or related theoretical positions, if not outright support to such rejection.

Outside of theory this group is also a place where issues relating to globalisation, global trade, economic development and the environment can be discussed. Key issues include debating the merits of globalization, ‘free’ trade, sustainable development, limits to growth and free market capitalism in general.


LVT by @Ellipsister

I compiled a list of persons who have advocated #LVT or expressed sympathy with George’s economic theory. Anyone can subscribe to the list as it is public. If you would like to be added, just tweet @Ellipsister #LVT

Alternatively, if you have a list that you’d like me to add to this page either tweet or email me.

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