Here is a list of many of the Blogs I read (in the process of adding to this list). I have begun categorising to make it easier for others to find a blog by topic.  If you want to be added to my Blogshelf then flick me an email:

If you are wondering why I have right wing blogs on my Blogshelf its because in order to engage with those who have ideologically opposite views to mine, it makes sense to try understand their position and their arguments, to see where there is common ground and to start dialogue from that point. In my view, little is gained from the echo chamber and by that I do not imply that people who share similar views do not add value to the discussion.

Ace McWicked (various topics, NZ) (is a news, analysis, and culture website featuring content that is relevant to the struggle against capitalist-imperialism and for a revolutionary transformation of society)

Bat, Bean, Beam (various topics, NZ)

Brennan McDonald (Reality based blogger, Economics, Technology, Politics, NZ)

Centre for a Stateless Society (C4SS) (Left Libertarianism, Market Anarchism)

*recommended site for understanding Left Libertarianism.

Climate & Capitalism (Ecosocialism)

Earth Sharing (Innovative solutions for ending poverty)

Frogblog (Green – Left)

Grumpollie (Thoughts about NZ polls and surveys)

He Don’t Even Speak Good English (Politics & Media)

Human Writes! (Human Rights)

Ideologically Impure (Feminism, Politics, NZ)

Keeping Stock (Politics, Right, NZ)

Kia Ora Gaza (NZ network dedicated to breaking the inhuman and illegal Israeli siege of Gaza by delivering humanitarian aid, fostering fraternal relations, enhancing understanding of Palestine and the Middle East, and cooperating with others who have similar aims)

KiwiBlog (Politics, Right, NZ)

Kiwipolitico (Politics, NZ)

Liberation – Bryce Edwards (Politics, NZ)

Life Behind the IRon Drape (Politics, Tax, NZ – Right)

Maori Law and Politics (Politics, Economic development, Maori, Right, NZ)

Mashed Calculus and Differential Potatoes [MCDP]

Maui Street (Politics, Law, Maori, Left, NZ)

New Economics Party NZ (Tax, Monetary Policy, Politics, Left, NZ)

Matthew Beveridge (Politics, Social Media, NZ Election 2014)

No Right Turn (Politics, Left, NZ)

Occasionally Erudite (Politics, Law)

Offsetting Behaviour (Economics, Policy, Right, NZ)

Popular Science: New Technology, Science News, The Future Now (Science, US)

Public Address (Politics, Media, Law, NZ)

Pundit (Politics, Law, NZ)

Recess Monkey (Politics, Labour (Left), NZ)

Renegade Economist

Socialist Aotearoa (Politics, Mana, Left, NZ)

Southern Limits (Resource limits, energy, environment, Left,  NZ)

Spleen (Stephen Judd) (various topics, left,  NZ)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Philosophy, US)

Tax land not man (Land Value Tax)

Tech Liberty NZ: Defending Civil Liberties in the Digital Age (Technology, Rights, Law, NZ)

The Daily Blog (NZ Politics – Left)

The Little Pakeha (various topics, NZ)

The PaePae (Peter Aranyi) (Platform for dialogue)

The Standard (NZ Politics – Left)

Today In Gaza (Julie Webb-Pullam, NZ Journalist based in Gaza)

TVHE (Economics and Policy NZ)

Unlearning Economics (Economics)

WhaleOil Beef Hooked (Politics, News, Right, NZ)