Philosophy Bites

David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton interview top philosophers on bite sized topics…

PICSpodcasts: People in Civic Society

Civic Society, in its best form, includes all citizens. However, there are large gaps between the world of media-based politics, specialised networks of researchers, and the so-called General Public. With this podcast we aim to create a forum whereby the public can engage with experts from a range of fields, and become more effective civic agents.

[Bio taken from About page on PICSpodcasts website]

The Egonomist:

The Egonomist is a weekly podcast; your premier source for rants, raves and arguments on topics from Politics to News to Social Trends, with a focus on New Zealand but with an eye to the world.

Each week Dan and Dave will bring you new episodes. Sometimes deep and philosophical, sometimes filth and vitriol, we aim to be a voice of informed malcontent.

[Bio taken from the About page on The Egonomist website]


If you know of any other great podcasters out there, flick me an email (ellipsister.blog@gmail.com) with a link to the site.

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